November 12, 2021



Australia tops per capita coal power emissions

Adam Morton writes in The Guardian (12 November) that Australia has the highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal power in the world on a per capita basis, nearly doubling those in China. according to a new analysis released at the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow.

The British climate and energy think tank Ember released an analysis at the cop26 Glasgow summit, that suggested the world’s wealthiest countries remained among the worst emitters from coal power once population was factored in.

“As the talks headed towards a fraught final day, there was disagreement over whether a closing declaration would commit countries to return with stronger short-term emissions reduction targets next year, and explicitly support an accelerated phaseout of coal,” he writes.

“Australia topped the list,with annual per person emissions five times greater than the global average and 40% higher than any other major coal power user.

“Examining the period since the landmark Paris agreement was signed in 2015, the analysis found Australia emitted 5.34 tonnes of carbon dioxide per person each year, placing it ahead of South Korea (3.81), South Africa (3.19), the US (3.08) and the world’s biggest outright emitter, China (2.71).”

Australia shown to have highest greenhouse gas emissions from coal in world on per capita basis | Climate crisis | The Guardian