November 14, 2021



Australia wins Cop26 Colossal Fossil award

It will come as no surprise to regular fossil readers that Australia would come out on top in the prestigious final of the COP26 ‘Colossal Fossil’ hall of shame. After making an appearance on the very first day, they’ve chalked up another five podium finishes over the past two weeks.

Such breathtaking climate ineptitude started just days before they’d even arrived, with a net zero 2050 announcement lacking an updated 2030 target or the policies to get there. Their subsequent performance resembled parts of the Australian outback: a barren wasteland,devoid of anything remotely resembling an idea, strategy or policy on fossil fuels, energy or transport.

We should’ve seen this as a sign of things to come but held out hope for something (apart from the coffee machine in the Australian Pavilion) to cheer us up. Instead, at every turn, Scott Morrison and his band of merry fossil fools either failed to sign up to a progressiv ephase-out pledge or made an announcement that was better suited to an oil, gas and coal convention.

An excuse for not putting their hands in thei rpocket to help finance loss and damage in poorer countries has been that there was work to do down under with indigenous communities, Pacific Island neighbours or other groups at the front line of climate change. We’re not sure where, or when, this work’s happening but there are communities still living intents after the climate-induced wildfires. Is the cheque in the post?

Over the past days, we’ve listed many of these epic fails that really don’t bear repeating again. We’re truly speechless Australia. Surely things can’t get any worse. Can they….?

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