November 8, 2021



Lies, lies damned lies

At last – a comprehensive guide to Scott Morrison’s lies,falsehoods and astonishing efforts to deny saying what he clearly did.

Crikey political journalist Bernard Keane’s book, Lies and Falsehoods: The Morrison Government and The New Culture of Deceit by, will be published on November 17.

It combines Crikey's eye-opening dossier of Scott Morrison's documented lies with Keane's insightful take on why deceivers dominate in the new era of politics.

The blurb says it all: “All politicians lie. They twist the truth, exaggerate and spin. But blatant lying has now become a standard part of political discourse, led by Donald Trump and carried on by Boris Johnson and Scott Morrison. Combine this with an all-out assault on the truth in public debate along with the biggest communications revolution since the printing press, and you have a disaster in real time: a sea of fake news,hyper-partisanship and polarisation.

“No society or democracy can function without trust, and the consequences of this profound shift are clear. The first step to a remedy is in understanding both the liars and the environments in which they lie. Lies and Falsehoods does exactly that, in this highly readable and incisive account of how we found ourselves in this fractured post-truth world, and how we might get out.” It's published by Hardie Grant Books and is available through crikey or Hardie Grant.

Lies and Falsehoods by Bernard Keane | Hardie Grant Publishing