November 11, 2021



Morrison inaction and Australia's first climate refugees

Eddie Synott of the Griffith University Law School writes in The Conversation (10 November) that: “Last month, First Nations leaders Pabai Pabai and Paul Kabai filed a landmark class action against the Australian government to protect communities in the Torres Strait from climate change.

“In the Torres Strait, First Nations communities are facing an existential threat as the planet warms.Rising seas are already inundating infrastructure and cultural sites, and some islands may be uninhabitable by the end of the century causing devastating harm to Torres Strait Islander Peoples and Ailan Kastom culture.


“Mr. Pabai and Mr. Kabai have seen the impacts firsthand. They have filed their class action to protect over 65,000 years of connection to land. Mr. Kabai has described the class action as answering their responsibility to community and culture.”

They say:

We have a cultural responsibility to protect our communities, our culture and spirituality from climate change – for our ancestors and future generations.

What does Morrison have to say?

Why the Australian government must listen to Torres Strait leaders on climate change (