October 9, 2021



Public distrusts Australian Government and Liberal Party

The Roy Morgan Research Company has carried out a major analysis of Trust and Distrust in Government/Government Services.

It finds the most distrusted organisations in Australia are (in order from the most distrusted) are: The Federal Government (head and shoulders above the rest), Centrelink, the Liberal Party, Politicians, State Governments, Local Governments, the Greens and the ALP.

The health system is the most trusted followed by ambulances. The ABC makes it into the list at number 13 and the Defence Forces scrape into last place suggesting the glorification of militarism and Anzackery has not been totally successful.

The only two organisations surveyed which have no levels of distrust at all are ambos and the CSIRO.

Turning to the business sector the Coalition war against super isn’t denting superannuation funds' reputation as they have, along with convenience stores, the highest net trust level followed by retailers and consumer products while it is probably not surprising that the most distrusted are banks, social media and telecommunications providers.

Trust in the Federal Government had grown at the start of the pandemic but plummeted from the time of the Brittany Higgins scandals.

Currently the ALP is more trusted than the Liberal Party and distrust levels of the Liberal Party are higher than both the ALP and the Greens.

As one respondent to the survey said: “Too much lying. They never apologise or own any mistakes. There is no clear indication they are working for a vision of a better Australia. They get caught up in point scoring with the media and opponents.”

For more information via webinar go to https://www.roymorgan.com/