November 26, 2021



Thank You for Your Support

Thank you for your support. We are deeply grateful for the many generous donations many of you have made to the Project’s work. We are also grateful to all the people who are ensuring our work is seen by more and more people by passing it on to friends and contacts.

The Truth and Integrity Project is entirely volunteer run and every dollar you donate goes to finance our work – work which more and more people throughout Australia are engaging with, enjoying and passing on to their friends and contacts.

The Australians who are disgusted with the state of Australian politics and deeply distrust our politicians’ obsession with tactics and slogans are increasingly having their voices heard.

We want to add to your and their voices, amplify them and campaign for a new era of truth and integrity in Australian Government.

The challenges – from climate change to inequality and rorts and corruption – are huge. But more and more Australians are saying they have had enough – and doing something about it. Please ask your friends to join with you and us to ensure all our voices are heard and acted upon.