October 22, 2021



There is a plan - just not Morrison's

Tim Colebatch writing in Inside Story (20 October 2021) says: "The Morrison government won’t be in power in 2050 to answer for any promises it makes about net zero emissions — and it has no intention of legislating policies that could actually deliver them in 2050, or at any other time.

"Promising net zero emissions by 2050 is a marketing tool; no cost, some gain. It matters only because it sets up expectations that will be used to pressure future governments to introduce the emission-reducing policies this government refuses to provide.

"Suppose, though, that 'net zero emissions by 2050' was not just words. Suppose our government and other governments actually meant to change their policies to put us on course to meet the target. What would they have to do?

That is the core question put by the International Energy Agency, or IEA, in its latest World Energy Outlook.

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