May 4, 2022



This is why the Liberals hate the ABC

Last weekend’s Four Corners programme was another shining example of how the ABC plays a crucial role in our democracy.

In the absence of any federal anti-corruption commission, and in an environment of compliant print and other commercial media, the role of watchdog falls to our precious public broadcaster.

It’s just one of very many examples where it would be fair for observers to ask: “Where would we be without our ABC?”

The Four Corners programme, entitled Profiting from the Pandemic, exposed the story of Aspen Medical — a company that obtained access to senior coalition government officials by participating in political fundraising and appointing former Liberal cabinet minister Michael Wooldridge to its board.

The company has earned $1.6 billion over the past two years, the bulk of which was courtesy of federal personal protective equipment contracts issued without a public tender.

Its pre-tax profits during this period have totalled more than $420 million.