Who We Are

The Truth and Integrity Project is a totally voluntary not-for-profit organisation dedicated to:

  • Mobilising Australians who are angry, concerned and disgusted with the state of Australian politics and government.
  • Highlighting major policy failures in areas such as climate change, economic management and inequality.
  • Raising awareness of corruption in Australian politics.
  • Challenging the dramatic decline in the quality of political debate and discourse.

The Truth and Integrity Project aims to reach out to all Australians – whatever their differences – to promote a successful Australia where truth, integrity, policy and decency are the core of politics.

In this spirit the Project is proud to have The Honourable Barry Jones AC and Dr John Hewson AM as joint Honorary Patrons.

The Project consists of a volunteer network of individuals committed to highlighting the dire straits of Australia political debate and encouraging other Australians to think and act on the many concerns so many Australians share.

It stems from a concept developed by one of Australia’s pre-eminent film producers, Bob Weis, who has recruited writers, film makers, editors, communication experts and policy experts to develop a series of hard-hitting online mini-documentaries.

Whether it is…

  • Covering up rapes in Parliament House.
  • Denying the reality of climate change and refusing to take action to stop the threat it proses.
  • Appointing scores of former Liberal MPs and staffers to publicly funded offices like the Australian Administrative Tribunal, Australia Post, the Fair Work Commission and many, many other organisations.
  • Giving over $440 million to a tiny Great Barrier Reef charity run by people connected to the Liberal-allied Business Council without process.
  • Sending out messages to someone in the department in charge of valuing land in Western Sydney to buy it for 10 times its value.
  • Ministers caught out lobbying for their family’s business interests.
  • Pedalling forged documents about the City of Sydney.
  • Spying on Australians in the name of security.
  • Handing out billions of your money to billionaires while victimising and hounding young people looking for work.
  • Hiding behind unparalleled Government secrecy.
  • Targeting over a hundred thousand Australians in illegal schemes like robo-debt without a single bureaucrat or minister suffering any consequence.
  • Constantly refusing to accept responsibility for actions PMs like Whitlam, Fraser would have demanded Ministerial resignations.

…the Truth and Integrity Project aims to highlight what’s wrong in Australia and Australian politics and what needs to be done to fix it. And it’s coming to your favourite social media feed – from now until the next Federal election.